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Product Design, UI/UX, Visual Design

A smart inhaler designed to help create an easier experience for children (aged 5-12) with asthma and help parents manage their asthma on the go.



User Research, Ideation, 3D Rendering, UI/UX and Visual design

TYPE and Timeline

Product Design, UI/UX, Branding, 3D Design, Motion Graphics
October - December 2017


Mohit Gupta (Me), Carson Young, David Luong and Zachery Eng


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InVision and Cinema 4D


Understanding the Target Audience




One of the major problem we found with regular inhalers were that only about 50% of them know how to use their inhalers properly. For children, parents have to purchase additional aerochamber/spacers to assist them with taking the medication efficiently. These spacers are not only big and bulky for kids but also adds an additional part to carry around that needs assembly, making it very inconvenient at the time of need. 

“An estimated amount of 3 million people currently suffer from asthma, and approximately 600,000 of those are children under the age of 12.” 

Some of the other problems with inhalers today from a parent's and child's perspective are:

  1. Stigma of carrying an inhaler. Children feel embarrassed of carrying and using an inhaler all the time.

  2. Hard to know when the medication runs out. Not changing the medication on time can potentially lead to fatal incidents.

  3. Parents have no way of knowing if their children are inhaling all the medication properly and are also looking for a better way to help administer their children's asthma on a daily basis.



A child using her inhaler with a spacer


Design Challenge

How might we design a product for childhood asthma that is not only easy to use, but also empower confidence in children to regularly take their medications, while helping parents with managing their kid's asthma on an everyday basis?


Design Solution

Oble is an easy to use, friendly smart inhaler designed for children (aged between 5-12) that combines both the standard pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) inhaler with a spacer into a single product that can help assist children with taking the medication more efficiently without any prior assembly. The product is embedded with bluetooth technology that allows parents to track the Oble usage and how well is their child doing on an everyday basis.

The pressure sensors in Oble measures the tidal volume with every use capturing data on volume of air that is inhaled or exhaled when using Oble. The data is used to measure user's breathing efficiency, helping improve their inhalation technique.


 The product can be personalized with different replaceable silicone animal characters and stickers, making it more appealing for kids to carry around and also inspire them to regularly use their medications.

The accompanying companion app helps parent with monitoring their child's everyday Oble usage while also tracking their breathing efficiency (tidal volume) with every use and setting up alerts when the medication needs replacement.



Design Process


Initial Research

We started with secondary research, PACT analysis and user interviews to better understand asthma and the daily challenges that families face on an everyday basis. This helped our team get a better insight on asthma in general and helped us create user personas for our potential users. 

After studying the existing market of inhalers, we challenged ourselves with:

How could we use smart technology to help families better manage this respiratory disease and thereby improve kids’ lives?


Ideation Process - PHYSICAL PRODUCT

We then started with developing concepts for our product, while keeping our target audience in mind. Initially, we started with a generic shape for the inhaler but after some feedback, we explored some designs that are friendly and something kids would love to carry around with them.


Branding and Visual Design

While building our product concepts we also started with building our brand including colour palette, typography, 3D modelling, illustration style, icons, and brand values for our product. 

Oble3 Copy.png

How does Oble work?

A visual representation of how the product works


Personalizing your Oble

We wanted to have add a personalized aspect to Oble. Children have option to choose different animal sleeves for their Oble and to further customize their Oble we have some cool stickers

Oble6 Copy.png


Complete App user Workflows

We decided to work on four different app workflow to show how the user experience for the app would differ from users onboarding the app for first time and the returning users.


Promotional Marketing Video

We decided to create a short marketing video for this product as a part of the project. We collectively worked together on creating a script, finding a narrator for the audio, planning storyboarding, creating the illustrations and animating the content for the video.



Introducing the Oble App

The companion app is designed for parents to help administer their child's health. By tracking their breathing efficiency (tidal volume) with each use, the app also offers breathing practice to help getting better with using Oble, if the child is having any problems. A detailed report can also be exported as a document to share it with their doctor.


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an interactive User Onboarding

A simple and delightful user experience for first time users when pairing their Oble with the app and creating their child's profile.

Link to Invision Prototype


Get a quick tour of the app after finishing up child's profile

Pop-ups on every screen help the users with introducing them to the different features that the app offers.

Link to Invision Prototype




Get notified for every time your child uses Oble

Easily compare weekly and monthly usage with detailed reports. Tracking the number of usage, can help understand the severity of asthma better.

Link to Invision Prototype



Practice with your child to improve their breathing efficiency

Oble measures the volume of air that is inhaled with every use. This helps with tracking child's breathing efficiency with every use. Whenever the child is having problems using the device, get an alert so you can practice with them.

Link to Invision Prototype