Product Design Internship

12 week Product Design Internship experience

Facebook team, London

Facebook team, London


12 unforgettable weeks
2 cool projects
2 side-projects
4 amazing friends


In summer 2018, I moved to London, UK to begin a three-month internship with the Facebook, where I had the incredible opportunity to work with the Facebook Ads team on video ads tool that aims in helping advertisers adopt best creative practices and tell the most effective stories on Facebook.

During my 12 week internship, I had the chance to work closely with the UX researchers, content strategists, data scientists, project managers and engineers in my team and teams in SF and Seattle. I was responsible for exploring and designing early stage concepts, storytelling, visual design, animation-tests, for creating video ad templates and deliver a final prototype for an alpha test to test our hypothesis. The internship was a really rewarding experience, and I would like to thank my team and my mentor Barbara Giardelli for an amazing summer.

Unfortunately, due to NDA, I can’t share specific details about my work until the product launches publicly. If you would like to learn more about my experience, feel free to contact me!


Role and Deliverables


I. Research
User research, competitive analysis, constraints and best practices for video ads to identify opportunities.

II. Storyboarding
Plan, sketch and iterate on storytelling of the template. Worked alongside content strategist to get better insight.

III. Concept Exploration
Build from wireframes to high-fidelity mockups, UI design and plan motion transition for elements on the template.

IV. Animation
Render different motion design templates to test total time and check if prototypes meet all best practices.

V. Iterate on Feedback
Iterate on prototypes and stress test to address different edge cases and low-cost engineering implementation.

VI. Finalize for Alpha Test
Finalize template for alpha test and prepare an engineering spec-guide for future implementation. 


Key Takeaways


Get feedback early and often
It really helps to share your design and get feedback early and often. Don’t be afraid of your work looking incomplete but rather focus on your design decisions and what you need help with.

Embrace ambiguity
It’s okay not knowing the answer to all the questions. Use all your resources, ask questions and reach out to people from different teams to learn. Stay curious and keep pushing for new ideas.

Include engineers early in the design process
Often, as designers, we carry our assumptions and come up with complex solutions that are not always feasible. Keeping engineers in-loop early in the design process can provide a fresh perspective to the problem, help understand all the technical constraints, help scope out ideas for a simpler solution and make for an efficient and well-informed design process.


A trip down the Memory lane (best summer ever)

Meet my intern family (Miss you guys!)

Meet my intern family (Miss you guys!)